Turnagain Arm Vista #4, Anchorage, AK

Image Licensing:

• Electronic delivery of full-resolution images for a variety of ultra-high-definition applications including scenic backdrops, custom displays and demonstrations (e.g., large-scale video walls or other advanced imaging technologies)

• Visit our Portfolio to browse our stunning ultra HD scenic images, each of which specifies the actual pixel dimensions of the full-resolution version (see details in image captions)

• Inspire and delight your visitors, customers, and prospects with uncannily immersive scenes that deliver the pastoral beauty and restorative power of special places in the greater world

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Private Residence, El Granada, CA

Scenic Light Boxes:

• Museum-grade, non-glare, backlit displays that offer unprecedented value combining immersive healing art and restorative light therapy in a single easy-to-install-and-maintain, low-energy package

• Convenient tool-free "flip-frame" feature enables rapid replacement of bulbs and/or imagery

• Uses standard cool white fluorescent tubes (the same lamps that are recommended in bright light treatment of winter depression), which are very long-lasting and inexpensive to replace

• UL-listed (indoor use only) and custom fabricated to eliminate brightness variation from edge to edge

• Images printed on continuous-tone photographic "Duratrans" film, which provides the highest color quality, resolution, and black opacity available in a backlit medium

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Private Residence, El Granada, CA

Scenic Metal Prints:

• A lower-cost companion to our scenic light boxes; frameless, glassless, float-mounted, and ready-to-hang 

• Brilliantly luminescent, high gloss surface that features the same exquisitely detailed immersive healing art as in our light boxes

• Produced by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets creating truly archival works of art

• Durable, waterproof, ultra-hard scratch resistant surface that can be cleaned easily with any commercial glass cleaner

• Images printed with this process will last for generations when displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight 

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