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About Our Company

Our Mission:

The mission of Bottled Light Productions LLC is to provide immersive inspiring imagery that delights, soothes, and heals residents, patients, visitors, and staff in senior living, healthcare, corporate, hospitality and high-end residential environments.

Given the high resolution and vibrancy of our imagery, we also make our collection available on a rights-managed basis to be licensed for a variety of applications such as event graphics, building wraps, and large format electronic displays.

If you're looking for our "Dreamscapes" collection (artificial intelligence-augmented panoramas), please click here

Our Solutions:

Light Boxes: Provide large-scale backlit displays (light boxes) that combine immersive healing art and restorative light therapy in a single easy-to-install-and-maintain, low-energy package, and ensure availability of a simple way to refresh the imagery in these light boxes.

Metal Prints: Offer a secondary line of non-light-emitting, ready-to-hang companion products (metal prints) that deliver the same healing art at lower cost.

Image Licensing: Enable full-resolution image licensing (contact us) for a wide variety of ultra-high-definition applications including scenic backdrops, custom displays and demonstrations (e.g., large-scale video walls or other advanced imaging technologies).

Our Founder:

Daniel Ambrosi, Artist & CEO

Daniel Ambrosi, Artist & CEO

Daniel Ambrosi, based in Half Moon Bay, California, has been exploring novel methods of visual presentation since graduating from Cornell University with degrees in architecture and 3D graphics. In 2011, Daniel devised a unique form of computational photography that generates extremely high resolution immersive vibrant images. Daniel's latest work builds upon his previous experiments by adding a powerful new graphics tool to his artistic workflow; namely a modified version of "DeepDream," a computer vision program evolved from Google engineers' desire to visualize the inner workings of Deep Learning artificial intelligence models.

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