About Light Therapy


A fair amount of research has been conducted and published regarding the effects of bright light treatment, also known as light therapy. Numerous studies have demonstrated that bright light therapy is safe and effective. It has been shown to help those suffering from winter depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)[1]. It has also been shown to improve sleep, depression, and agitation in older adults with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia (ADRD)[2]. Despite these positive results, there still is some disagreement as to how light therapy works; the consensus among experts is that more research needs to be done to understand and improve this form of treatment.


An entire industry has arisen around light therapy; a plethora of consumer products can be found on Amazon.com that promise relief from common problems such as SAD, sleep disruption, low moods, fatigue, etc. At Bottled Light Productions, we don't claim that our light boxes are designed to provide bright light treatments nor do we expect our customers or their constituents to sit motionless in front of our light boxes for extended sessions of light therapy. That said, our light boxes do indeed contain the lamps most recommended in bright light treatment: "cool white" fluorescents. While some manufacturers promote "full spectrum" lamps as especially effective because they more closely model the output of our sun, researchers at Oregon Health Sciences University state, "Our studies are showing minimal differences between full spectrum and ordinary "cool white" fluorescent lamps. Therefore, we are currently recommending "cool white" fluorescent lamps because they contain less ultraviolet radiation, which some physicians recommend avoiding."[3]

Our Position:

The science behind both light therapy and healing art is still developing; at this time, there are no definitive answers as to exactly how or why either works. What is known is that both have been shown to deliver benefits to those exposed to them. What we also know at Bottled Light Productions is that our scenic light boxes and metal prints consistently delight and inspire those who come into contact with them. Within senior living communities, supportive housing, and other caring environments, (e.g., hospitals, clinics, rehab, hospice), delight and inspiration can significantly reduce stress and enhance quality of life. Visit our testimonials page to hear more from our customers themselves. Two things we will promise:

1. We will continue to post comments and findings from our customers' experiences with our products as our deployments proliferate.

2. We will continue to add to our portfolio of immersive healing art in order to provide an ever-growing array of effective and appropriate options for your own facility.


Daniel Ambrosi, Artist & CEO


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